A Business With $0

A Business With $0

Hey everybody, it’s Danii. If you’re new, make sure you subscribe. So, we’re gonna get into this video and I want to tell you guys how I started my business with no money. Now when I say “no money”, I kind of mean no money. Because like I had money in my account, but I didn’t use that money to apply it to my business,

Now, first and foremost, this is not anything that I recommend. This, to me, is starting business the wrong way, but I’m still going to share my experience with you all and show you all how I grew past starting off with no knowledge.

So, when I first started, this was a hobby. I was making wigs, selling hair, doing hair as a hobby. I didn’t really care about what I was making. So, when someone would inquire about hair, I used to have a friend of mine that sold hair that gave me a link and I would tell them, purchase through this link. You get your hair. I do your hair. Make your wig. I got money off of it. She got money off of it, it was a perfect little collaboration.

So, moving forward I didn’t have a website. On my orders people would message me, “Hey, can I order this? Hey, can I do this?” And that’s how that went and honestly that sucked. I’m going to just be real with you all. That sucks so bad because you have to keep up with the messages and sometimes customers have conversations with you. So you have to scroll a little bit to see where the exact order was and there isn’t efficient way to do that. You can input it into whatever method you have, whether it be the handwritten method like writing down your orders and that’s a key trick or some other app, but to me, it was a headache. I didn’t have time for it. I did that for a while and that is how I did it with no money. Of course, when I say no money, I meant I ran my business with no money. I used the customer’s money to buy the hair that covered the shipping and all that stuff and then they will pick up or they will ship and that’s how that went no cost to me. I didn’t have a website no cost to me.

Now, when it comes to actually starting a business, that’s a different story. You cannot start a business with no money. And the reason why I say that is because you have to test the product that you’re selling. There are a lot of people who are seeing pictures and videos and then like, “Oh, this product looks amazing. Let me sell this. Advertise it using vendor photos”, which I do not recommend. Do all this stuff and it really sets you back like 10 steps, because for one, you’re not the only person using these vendor photos, vendor videos. So it makes you look like a scam. That’s first and foremost. Number two, you don’t even know if the product is quality. I have a video of a five minute install on Instagram. I’m gonna link it down below and that hair looks beautiful. That hair looks amazing. But that hair fucking tangles. It tangles so goddamn bad that if I would have went off the vendor’s photos, because the vendor photos was pretty as hell, that’s why I brought it to test it. If I would have just went with the vendor photos and I would have sent that to customers, I wouldve gotten so much negative feedback and my business would not be in a good light, because I didn’t even take the time to put in money to test the product or do any research about the product myself. So that’s number two.

And number three, you can’t start a business with no money. You can probably maintain a business active you’ve already got your product but even then, that’s a stretch. You cannot start a business without money. You have to sell your product. A lot of people drop ship, now after you tested your product, drop ship if you want to, still don’t recommend it. I like to physically see what I’m sending out. So no customer can say, “Hey, I got this.” And sometimes vendors are very much shady. They’ll put their contact information in your customer stuff, so now your customer know who your supplier is. I don’t trust it. don’t recommend, zero out of ten.

You cannot start a business with no money and I’m just going to keep saying that because you see all these ads, you see all these people saying, “Hey, I started a business with $0, let me show you how”. Now, you got to sign up for that class and it turns out that you actually need money to start your business. That’s neither here and there.

That was pretty much the point of this video. I just seen it. You’re gonna see I’m going to be spitting out videos just because I like to talk. I like to inform and if I see a topic that I feel like I could educate somebody on, I’m going to do it. I might lose my train of thought a little bit. I might get off topic a little bit, but for the most part, the information is there. Hopefully you all receive it as I said.

So, I will see you guys in my next video. Make sure you like comment, subscribe. I always do take topic suggestions. 

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