How To Sell A $500+ Wig


How To Sell A $500+ Wig

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Now, I’m going to get into this video. As you can see from the title, I get a lot of people asking me, new wig makers asking me, “How are you selling your wigs at $500, $600 plus?” And there’s really a simple answer for that. I’m just selling it. I’m not going in with fear that my wigs won’t sell, because there will be times where the wig will not sell because I’m not big. I’m still a small business. And not everyone trusts me to buy a $500, $600 wig. But when you’re in a business you have to take into consideration everything that you’re putting into your product. If I’m buying the hair for $300, I cannot possibly sell the wig for $200. It’s just not ethically right. Like I couldn’t. There is no way, shape, or form that I can do that without pretty much giving somebody a free wig and losing money. And that’s not what I’m in business for.

So, my advice to new business owners or you know current business owners is to just be confident in your work. Have a backup plan for if you don’t sell, whether that be you have a part time job, whether that be you sell something else that’s on the cheaper side, as far as hair products, hair accessories, all that good stuff, but just be confident in your work. Because when I first started, I was selling wigs for $200 and I was actually losing money. Now here I am, and I will let a wig sit on my website for months before I think about dropping the price for something that I know good in will is worth the price.

Now, not to say that everyone can afford $500 wigs, but there are people who can afford $500 wigs. The problem is you’re just not in front of those people yet, so that plays a part in marketing, that plays a part in how you’re advertising your business, but just be patient and don’t let anyone try to discourage you from selling what you’re worth.

That does not mean go and try to sell the wig for $5,000. Can you do it? Possibly, yes! But thats not ethical. Like we’re not out here to prey on people who are supporting our business. We’re not here to be greedy. We’re here to just make a decent profit, a livable profit off of something that we enjoy doing. And that is selling hair or making wigs.

And if you have any questions in regards to this, I do offer business consultations. Just message me on Instagram and I will send you the link for that. The link is not public, so you can’t just go and find the link. You have to message me. I have to do a screening on your profile first before I send you the link, but I am really an open book when it comes to pretty much anything. So do not hesitate to ask me if you guys have any questions, and don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and let me know if you have any more topics down below and I will see you guys in my next video.

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