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Hey everybody, this is Danii and I am going to answer a question that I have been seeing all over social media: “How much does a glue wig really cost?” Now, there is really no one set answer to that because a lot of people, especially people who are not business owners do not understand when it comes to pricing. And especially, now within the hair market, how hair has just taken a rise with pricing. Like it has skyrocketed. So, I’m going to speak from experience. And I’m going to tell you guys a little backstory of how I started and where I’m at now and why my pricing is significantly higher than what it was when I first started.

When I first started getting wigs, I didn’t really know about quality hair. I knew that the hair felt soft and looked nice that I thought it was good hair. So, when I first started, I had hair that looks soft, look good, but in reality did not last very long. I also did not know what was good profit from selling hair. And when it comes to what’s good profit, a lot of people think that because you sell hair, your profit is not supposed to be a decent amount because you sell hair. But in reality, if this is my business, I do not have a 9-5, I do not work anywhere else, my money solely relies on me selling hair. You want to make sure that profit is good enough to where you don’t have to sale 100 items to, at least, touch the bare minimum of paying your bills. And that’s what I was doing. And you also don’t want to lose money. You want to make sure that you’re making one.

 So, when it comes to how much a good wig is to cost, you can look at it from anywhere from $400, $300, should even $200, $600, $700. Like it’s up there. And you have to understand this. Some of these people who are selling these wigs for $100 or $200, they don’t have a legit business. They’re not surviving off of selling hair. They’re looking at it as a hustle. And it’s just a hustle. So, they’re okay with getting $10, $5, $20 profit from a sale. Like that does nothing for them. That’s a little extra money in their pocket for not doing very much. For someone who relies on this, you cannot really pay your bills from getting that little profit from a product that is in that high demand.

 So, when it comes to wigs, you have to factor in how much the hair costs from the vendor and I just don’t see how people can see a wig for $100 and think like, “Okay, I want to go with this,” because this is the best wig. But in reality, from a real business owner who has quality hair, you can look at spending more than $100, way more than $100 only hair you sell. So, I’m spending, let’s say, $200 on hair. And I’m making the wig myself so, that is not only that I source the hair for you, but I spent my time making the wig for you. You also have to factor in all the products and materials that I use. So, when it comes to how much a good wig costs, you really can’t put a price on it, and you really can’t put a cap on it. You can’t say $600 is too much for a wig. I have gotten away for $100. You have to understand that different people and their profit range is not the same. A lot of people don’t understand how much they’re supposed to profit or how much they should be profiting from selling hair.

A lot of people don’t even understand the quality they sell. Someone can sell bomb quality and not realize that they are really undercharging themselves or they’re not getting a profit or they’re even losing money. So, you going forward when you’re in this industry, we have to agree that a lot of things may be out of our budget, but that does not mean that it is too much, because there are people who are spending $2,000 plus on wigs. I’m not one of those people, but there are people who are spending half the coins on wigs and that does not go to say that the wig is too much, they’re being greedy. It just, they know the quality that they sell, and wigs honestly are an investment. If you can keep away for a year plus, that beats going to go buy bundles every month. If you want to go buy bundles every month, $200, you didn’t already pay over $1,000 for the entire year for wigs or for hair that you can even use again versus paying $400, $500, $600 for a week or for hair that can last you for a year plus.

The hair that I sell can last you two to five years. So, you just have to understand and pick and choose where you want your coins to go and look at the long time value of it and not just a quick short dollar of “Hey, that person is selling hair for $400. That person is selling hair for $200. Let me grab this.” And now you’re mad, because the hair is trash and you didn’t really even get a lot of wears out of it.

So, that is all for that question. I will be answering more. You just have to understand and pick your battles when it comes to how much hair costs. Hair is very expensive. Hair is not cheap. You just have to pick your battles when it comes to hair. Hair, good hair will not be cheap, but you get more out of it. You’re not getting just one wear or a few wears out of it.

So, I will be posting more videos when it comes to topics like this. I will also be showing you guys how to source good hair. I will be showing you guys how to find good vendors. I will show you guys how to install, apply wigs, all that good stuff hair related, as well as more on a personal level.

So, if you guys got any good information from this video, be sure to like, comment, subscribe as well and if you have any questions please comment down below and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

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