How long can I wear my wig

How long can I wear my wig

Hey everybody, this is Danii and I’m here with a new video. If you’re new to my channel, make sure you like, comment, and subscribe. I do record often. I give a lot of educational videos. I do a lot of hair installs. I do a lot of wig advice, personal advice, mental health advice. I do it all. So, let’s get into this video. 

The question that I get from a lot of my customers or clients is how long can I a wig stay on? From personal experience, you can keep a wig on if it’s looking good for, I say, a month. That’s max, to me, a month with no touch ups, no nothing, you can keep it off for a month. 

Now, me personally, I do not keep my wigs on for longer than 24 hours. When I get home, I take my wig off. I don’t even have a wig on when I’m at home. So, when it comes to my wigs, as you can see, this one right here is very much cool. So, I don’t keep my wigs on at all, but when it comes to those who are not proficient with applying wigs or knowing how to upkeep the wigs. You can keep the wig on for a month if the stylist does a good job with installing, depends on their technique.

Now, if you’re using glue or you sweat a lot, if you’re not using glue, there’s a lot of factors that play in. I’m going to speak on a few of them and hopefully this answers that question and if you guys have any more questions, feel free to comment down below and I’ll answer them as fast as I can. I do answer a lot of my questions on Instagram as I’m trying to move more over to YouTube. So, if you have any questions feel free to DM me. 

Now, when you’re using glue, a lot of people think that because a stylist glued the wig on, that the wig is going to stay on forever. It’s not supposed to come up, not supposed to move at all. That is actually false. No matter how good the stylist is, a lot of things play into factor when it comes to how long your wig is gonna stay on. Now, the stylist used glue and you sweat a lot or maybe you got it wet, you didn’t let it cure, the wig can actually lift the next day. 

Now, when it comes to curing, lot of stylists do not let their clients know that, “Hey, do not get your wig or do not get any water around your lace for the next 24 to 48 hours”. Now, this is essential when it comes to applying wigs as if you do not keep the water away, it can cause lifting as soon as they say. This is the same thing with eyelash extensions. A lot of lash tells let you know you cannot get your lashes wet within the first 24 to 48 hours because then you’re prone to more lashes falling out. 

When it comes to using glueless methods, the retention for those can be a little bit longer. It all depends on your upkeeping of the wig. Are you tying your hair down at night? Does your hair grow really fast? Because if your hair grows really fast and you have a glueless install, then what happens with that is, how tight and secure your wig was, was based off the foundation of your braids. And if your braids are growing out, that foundation is no longer tight and secure. It gets more loose, so you’re prone to lifting or sliding.

Now, when it comes to wigs or when it comes to installs, the main thing to keep note is your upkeep of the wig. Be sure to tie your hair down at night. If you’re not going anywhere or when you’re just staying in the house, have your hair tied down. Glue does not make your wig stay down forever and having a glueless wig does not make your hair stay down forever. 

Now, this is just in regards to this topic. I will be touching more on how to keep your wigs secure and how to make them last longer in my next videos. So, if you did get a little bit of information from this short video, be sure to thumbs it up, like, comment, and subscribe, and I will see you guys in my next video.

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