What's The Point Of Wigs

What's The Point Of Wigs

Hey everybody, this is Danii. Welcome to my channel. As you can see from the topic of this video, I’m going to be speaking on giving my educated opinion on what’s the point of wigs. Because I’ve seen this and I’m like, “If you don’t know how to put on the wig, just say it.” Because baby, wigs are very much helpful when applied correctly. That is! Wigs are protective styles. The point of a wig is to be able to be versatile with your hair, with your crown, without having to damage or do anything to your actual hair. Few might say, “Well, you have all the hair, and  dont nothing with it”. You’re damn right. I have all this hair and it’s going to be braided up and go under this wig. 

So, the luxury of wigs, and I say luxury because wigs are not a need. They’re a luxury. The luxury of wig is I could have long black hair today and have some nice long burgundy hair tomorrow or I can have it in the same day, whatever I want to do. And my hair underneath is still growing, still flourishing, still very much healthy. That is the point of a wig. I could have a pixie cut wig without even cutting my hair.

I lost a bet, you all, with my boyfriend, like two years ago and I had to cut my hair. I think I cut it like right here. I had to cut my hair and I was so mad. Even though I don’t wear my hair. I was so mad but my hair grew back so fast because of wigs.

Now, my upkeep of my hair did play a part in that. You can’t just be slapping a wig on and not doing anything to your hair. So, I make sure I oil my scalp. I have my own hair growth oil. I make sure I oil you my scalp. I make sure I moisturize my hair. I wash it and then deep condition it appropriately, detangle a whole lot more, and when I put my wigs on, I’m not just laying it on top of this. I’m really actually taking care of my hair. So, when you don’t put your hands in your hair, you don’t touch your hair, your hair grows so much faster.

This is my theory on why you see people with dreads hair growing fast as hell is because they not touching their dreads. Their hair legit is not being in touched and it’s just growing. So, don’t touch your hair. Let your hair grow and you won’t be bald, unless you want to be bald but that’s a topic for another story. Well, that’s a story for another day. Anyhow that’s my point on what’s the point of wigs because baby, that kind of like struck a nerve because I love my babies. I don’t know where I would be without my babies. Like, you all have to learn how to educate yourselves more on stuff. I remember I was one of them. Some years ago, I used to play with people about their wigs.I was like, you’re legit wearing a wig. Like, you’re laughable, you’re wearing a wig. But then, now I’m wearing wigs, you will not see me without a wig. Very rarely will you see my hair.

Quick little video on what’s the point of wigs. Hope you guys got something from it. If you didn’t, maybe next time. Make sure you like, comment, subscribe, comments and suggestions below and I will see you guys in my next video.

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